Pardison Fontaine gets unfollowed by Megan Thee Stallion on Instagram.

Internet sleuths think Megan Thee Stallion and Pardison Fontaine are having problems together. The Hip Hop couple has been dating for a while and frequently displays their relationship on social media. They rapidly became “couple goals” for fans and gave off the impression that they were committed to the relationship. The fact that Megan no longer follows Fontaine on Instagram, as social media users often do, has many people wondering if they are still dating.

Although it appears like Pardison is still pursuing Megan, some are unsure because there is no reciprocation. Due of Tory Lanez’s situation, Megan and Fontaine have not been as active on social media as normal. Megan allegedly delivered a tearful testimony about the night she was shot during the trial, reiterating Lanez’s guilt.

Fontaine, however, remained notably silent throughout the trial. He did, however, reappear at the end to write a comment regarding abuse victims. “I empathize for any woman who has experienced injustice, especially those of color. When you finally have the guts to speak up, it appears that you will be made fun of. Your credibility will be called into question, and your entire past will be examined closely. You may instantly change your status in the eyes of the public from victim to defendant.