Blue DaVinci Allegations Before Dr. Dre, he found Eminem

Before Dr. Dre signed the renowned Detroit rapper, former BMF artist Bleu DaVinci claimed to have found Eminem. In a recent interview with Cam Capone News, DaVinci described how he once brought Eminem before Priority Records’ head of A&R Andrew Shack to explain himself. DaVinci claims that when he first discovered Eminem, he was just 16 years old.

The former BMF rapper claimed, “At 16 years old, I understood how the whole label works. I took Slim Shady, Eminem, my mother, and anyone else to him. Find out from the Jew Andrew Shack who I took Eminem to before Dr. Dre signed him. I had just seen Eminem perform live for the first time at Maritime Hall in the Bay, and Ras Kass and I were about to travel to New York. I took his cassette and delivered him right to the fucking head of A&R Andrew Shack. He was in charge of A&R when he was appointed Vice President. He signed n*s; he was the n***a!

Bleu DaVinci On Eminem

DaVinci said, “He was in the process of creating the Rhyme & Reason soundtrack and I introduced him Eminem. He continued by saying that, as a youngster, he was unable to persuade the label to sign him because he lacked respect. Then Shack cursed DaVinci out when Dr. Dre ultimately signed Eminem. Why didn’t you tell me that Dr. Dre signed him? I told you, like I promised, muthafucka. The reason I brought him in here was because he was the hardest white boy I had ever seen rap in my life, according to DaVinci. I wasn’t required to bring this trash in here. I was only 16 when they showed no respect for my gangsta. In 1998, Eminem signed a contract with Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment.

DaVinci mentioned other rappers than Eminem. In the interview, he also said that Big Meech first rejected Gucci Mane’s request to join BMF. He tried to join the gang and was nice, but Meech kept telling the ns, “No man, this na be out here robbing ns and shit. There cannot be any known robbers among us. It wasn’t like he was a thief or anything. He would get down on a na-style crap, as N****s knew. So, at the time, we weren’t really doing that. He has always been the buddy and simply a kind guy.