A representative for Rihanna confirms that she is expecting a second child.

Rihanna’s second pregnancy has apparently just been confirmed by a member of her staff. This affirmation also follows the superstar’s outstanding Super Bowl halftime performance, during which she performed a number of tunes both on and off breathtaking tall platforms. Additionally, a member of her staff told The Hollywood Reporter that she was pregnant. Naturally, when fans first spotted RiRi’s tummy, there has been a ton of internet rumors, leading up to this confirmation. Though it is always advisable to maintain skepticism, it appears like many were so eager to learn that the celebrations happened quickly.

Even still, it makes sense if you missed it since you were preoccupied with the show’s blockbuster parade. But it all began when the 34-year-old performer of “B***h Better Have My Money” unzipped her scarlet coat. Many people immediately saw a pregnancy bulge as she exposed her tummy to the television. Many others questioned whether she merely had postpartum weight, despite the fact that it’s a hasty conclusion to draw. Although normalizing such behaviors is a worthwhile and essential goal, it appears that this is a discussion best left for another time.

In addition, there are conflicting views about her show. Many people were disappointed by the absence of guest performances, despite the fact that she can rock a colosseum all by herself. But before everybody was aware, the Fenty mogul made a hint about the most important visitor of all. She spoke with Nate Burleson on NFL+ on Friday night. She had a peculiar response when he inquired whether she had considered inviting any special visitors, and we all should have noticed it. She just said, “I’m thinking about bringing someone.” The genuine special presence was something unheard of at prior major game broadcasts, despite rumors that Jay-Z or T.I.