The manager of J. Cole makes a hint about a forthcoming album.

J Cole announced his plans for a few albums in 2020. His post-K.O.D. plans included the publication of The Off-Season, The Fall Off, and It’s A Boy, all of which came out in 2021. The Fall Off Era was referred to in relation to all three projects. He captioned the photo, “I still got some goals I need cross off for’ I scram… Fans clearly yearned for even more music from the Fayetteville native, despite the fact that we only received one of the three projects.

However, J Cole hasn’t abandoned his followers with nothing. He joined the Dreamville roster for D-Day: A Gangsta Grillz Mixtape last year, which featured songs like “Freedom Of Speech” and “Stick.” Additionally, he provided a few outstanding cameo appearances on songs like “London” by Bia and “Johnny P’s Caddy” by Benny The Butcher. While these albums were being released, he also started a professional basketball career, which, for the most part, was short-lived. He appears to be busy these days, though, and a new project could start shortly.

Dreamville’s Ib Teases New J. Cole Music

Ibrahim Hamad, manager of J. Cole and co-founder of Dreamville, posted a succinct but encouraging update on Instagram yesterday night. Which J Cole album would fans most like to hear performed in its full live? was the question Team Dreamville posed in a tweet. Ib repeated the tweet and simply wrote, “The Fall Off,” while supporters expressed their preferences. Ib did not go into additional detail, but it appears that he is raising interest in J. Cole’s upcoming studio album. Hopefully a release date will be announced soon after that.