Lil Wayne Was Supposed To Perform During The Grammy’s Hip Hop 50th Tribute, According To Ice-T

This year’s Grammy Awards included hundreds of our favorite Hip Hop performers, and Ice-T thinks Lil Wayne should have been among them. Hip-50th hop’s anniversary was celebrated by Missy Elliott, Public Enemy, Method Man, Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, Grandmaster Flash, Scarface, Lil Uzi Vert, and many more. Weezy was on the verge of adding his name to the list as generations of the culture came together for a concert unlike any other.

In the Holdin’ Court podcast, Ice-T stated, “Lil Wayne was in the show when we did it, but he didn’t actually do the performance.” “On the red carpet, something occurred. Future had taken a seat at my table. He wasn’t able to perform as he was expected to. Hence, a lot of— It was mentioned as being “a little bit of a mess” by the host. It’s live TV, Ice replied.

Ice-T Almost Didn’t Perform At the Grammys

A number of artists were invited to participate but couldn’t make it. Ice-T reportedly claimed that his issues with Law & Order’s scheduling nearly prevented him from appearing. “Questlove calls and informs me that we will be performing in Los Angeles this weekend. The Rap legend told PEOPLE, “I say, ‘I can’t make it. The Grammys, he says. I then say, “Eh.” You don’t want to be sitting at home with your friends and saying, “I was invited but I didn’t go,” he continues. And I rode the plane with my Black ass. He provided some context. For a very long time, the Grammys didn’t even respect hip-hop. We’ll accept it, then, to be here and to be recognized in this manner.