“Amor Fati,” Coldxman’s debut album, makes a statement.

Coldxman, a New Yorker, has made a splash with his debut album, Amor fati, which is Latin for “love of fate.” However, compared to many first releases out there, this project’s qualities, vision, and demonstrations of talent appear considerably more sophisticated. Naturally, that’s because Coldxman, whose real name is Coleman Hughes, was a talented musician and writer prior to making his indie rap debut. Additionally, he is a gifted jazz soloist and trombone player who has performed all over the world with groups like the Mingus Big Band and Rihanna. In addition, he started playing when he was 3 years old, developed into a dedicated musician and listener, and received a full scholarship to Juilliard to study jazz.

Amor fati is also obviously and passionately rooted in traditional boom-bap rhythms and East Coast flows. He may alternate between, for instance, assurance and uncertainty, rage and compassion, and melodious choruses and quick-fire verses. His impressive background also contributes to the gorgeous and precise musicianship that supports these compositions. There is a new universe to explore in every beat, whether it is through the use of piercing percussion beats, hazy guitars, vibrant brass, or resonant keys. The songs “What Doesn’t Kill U,” “25,” and “Blasphemy” are among of the album’s greatest ones. Although it’s obviously influenced by contemporary music and genre trends, Hughes’s viewpoint is what ties everything together. His message is significantly backed by the rhythms and genre fusions, notwithstanding their high caliber.

The young MC addresses institutional racism, cultural myths that turn people against one another, and surviving in a challenging environment throughout this album. Overall, it paints a compelling and clear image of a smart and creative intellect that undoubtedly has more to offer. But what did you think of Amor fati, Coldxman’s debut album? Please share your thoughts in the comments section and listen to the project’s tracklist below. Additionally, you may discover the project on your chosen streaming service if you haven’t already heard it. As usual, check back with HNHH for the newest new music every week from both established artists and up-and-comers.